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Inspection & Maintenance

Sewer & Drain Repair Services On The Big Island

Tailored maintenance plans, swift and thorough inspections, and 24/7 emergency service. Who can beat that? If you're in need of a reliable drainage service, contact us today to schedule an inspection!
Servicing Kailua Kona, Waimea, HI & Hilio, HI

Routine inspections

The best way to prevent a septic system disaster is to have your sewer lines regularly inspected. 

Routine inspections ensure your septic system is running properly and, if any drainage issues exist, you can catch them before the problem escalates. In the long run, you'll be saving time and money. 
Sewer and drain repair services in action in Waikoloa, HI
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A variety of maintenance products

Our certified professionals take with them to every job a set of industrial-strength maintenance products. These products are also available for purchase so you can stay on top of your septic system and clear away clogged drains. We personally use every product we sell, and we endorse their ability to dissolve blockage and combat slow drains. 

Maintenance plans

Our team will be there to help as often as needed. The best part about choosing us for your plumbing service is that you get to customize your own maintenance plan. Whether you want a yearly inspection or an examination twice a year, you can have it however you want and tailor it to your needs. 
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